Here are the winners from the ’13th Nataraj Awards’

On September 07, the ’13th Nataraj Awards’ announced the winners of this year.

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The Best Drama

“Wanthong” with the performance of Pong Nawat and Mai Davika won this award.

The Best Director (Wanthong)

San Srikaeolo was selected as the best director this year.

The Best Leading Actress

IG davikah

With her outstanding performance in “Wanthong”, Mai Davika is the winner of The Best Leading Actress.

The Best Leading Actor

IG shahkrit

Shahkrit Yamnam also took home the trophy with his great acting skill in “Wanthong”.

The Best Supporting Actor – God Jirayu (Krachao See Da)

IG godfather1632

The Best Supporting Actress – Green Ausadaporn (Krachao See Da)

IG green_ausadaporn

The Best Drama Script (Wanthong)

The Best OST. Song (Song Jai – Wanthong)

Drama Series of The Year – I Promised You To The Moon

IG bbillkin

The Best Leading Actor – Billkin Putthipong

IG bbillkin

The Best Supporting Actor – Oab Nithi

IG oabnithi

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