Here is the list of winners from Kazz Awards 2020

Here is the list of winners from Kazz Awards 2020 that was held last night.

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1. Popular singer (male): Nont Tanont

2. Popular singer (female): Gam Wichayanee

3. Shining star (male): Gulf Kanawut

4. Shining star (female): Frame Supakchaya

5. Num Cool Do Dee: Masu Junyangdikul, Champ Chanathip, Mai Warit, August Vachiravit, and Mike Pattaradet

6. Girls of the year 2020: Pearwah Nichaphat, BNK48’s Jennis, BNK48’s Cherprang, BNK48’s Patchanan, BNK48’s Nannaphas

7. Guys of the year 2020: Saint Suppapong, Nine Kornchid, Perth Tanapon, Plan Rathavit, and Jong Achen

8. The popular girl: Jane Ramida

9. The popular guy: Singto Prachaya

10. Hot Girl of The Year: Pinkploy Paparwadee

11. Hot Guy of The Year: Saint Suppapong

12. TV Drama of The Year: Huajai Sila (ONE 31)

13. Most popular boy group: TRINITY

14. Hottest Song of The Year: “My Ambulance” by Ice Paris and Pearwah Nichaphat

15. Popular rising actor: Ko Vasin

16. Popular rising actress: Bua Nalinthip

17. Guys of The Year 2020: Great Sapol, Bank Thiti, Puen Kanin, Pon Nawasch, Mike Pattaradet, Ice Paris, and Singto Prachaya

18. Girls of The Year 2020: Jennie Panhan, Bua Nalinthip, Pat Chayanit, Min Pechaya, Mookda Narinrak

19. Cute Boy of The Year: Plan Rathavit

20. Cute Girl of The Year: Mook Worranit

21. The Best Scene: Tharn Type The Series

22. Popular actor: Krist Perawat

23. Popular actress: Pancake Khemanit

24. Favorite’s Kazz Magazine: Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin

25. Popular vote: Saint Suppapong

26. TV Series Couple of The Year: Krist Perawat and Singto Prachaya

27. Most Popular Rising Actor of The Year: Gulf Kanawut


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