Yaya Urassaya Shows Her Couple Pants In The New Instagram Post

Yaya Urassaya shows her couple pants in the new Instagram post with a caption “The travelling pants….Hong Kong.”

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On 14 November 2018, the actress shares a new photo on her official Instagram showing the couple pants. She tags Mae Keaw, Nadech Kugimiya’s mother, in the post, too.

Actually, the pants were painted by Yaya Urassaya because she likes doing this thing so much. They wore it when travelling in the beautiful city Hong Kong.

Many fans are so happy seeing this post and comment, “So cute, let me ask who is that,” “You two are a very beautiful couple,” “Love you guys,” “So sweet,” “OMG,” “Sweet, P’ Ya,” “So lovely, that’s a unique style.”

Do you love this couple?

Photo: urassayas | keaw_jung

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