Yaya Urassaya Is Asked Whether It Can Be Used The Word ‘Couple’ For Them

On 15 December 2018, Yaya Urassaya shared a sweet photo of her with Nadech Kugimiya at the airport when he sent her off before she went to the U.S.

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The reporters say that they’re so sweet and it can be used a word ‘couple’ for them now. Yaya Urassaya replies, “Let P’ Barry talks about it is better”.

Reporters: People are waiting to hear the word ‘couple’ from both of you.

Yaya: Let him tell is better.

Reporters: If he says something, you will agree?

Yaay: Yes, I throw it (the question) to him.

Reporters: For you, what do you call?

Yaya: I call it ‘throw’….throw the question to him and let him reply.”

Photo: mim_sotaya | keaw_jung

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