Yaya Urassaya revealed what she got from Nadech Kugimiya on her birthday

Yesterday, April 05, Yaya Urassaya attended the event and gave an interview with reporters.

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The reporters ask the actress what she feels when she sees Nadech Kugimiya’s post with a sweet caption “Happy birthday to a woman whom I love the most”.

A popular star replies that she is surprised when sees it. Also, she says that she loves him.

The reporters continue asking Yaya Urassaya if Nadech Kugimiya is usually sweet.

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“The Crown Princess” star answers that he is so sweet.

Moreover, the top actress opens up that she gets a gold bar from her boyfriend on her birthday. Firstly, she thinks that it’s chocolate.

Yaya Urassaya adds that she is really surprised because she doesn’t expect that he gives her this thing as a birthday gift.

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