Yaya Urassaya talks about working with Mark Prin in the new drama “Love at First Night”

On August 24, Yaya Urassaya attended the event and gave an interview with reporters.

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The top star opens up that she is filming the new drama “Love at First Night” alongside Mark Prin.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Nadech Kugimiya is shooting “Sueb Lub Mor Rabat” with her best friend Kimmy Kimberley.

Yaya Urassaya continues that Mark Prin sometimes calls her Kimmy Kimberley instead of her name.

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Also, she mistakenly calls him Nadech Kugimiya from time to time.

A famous actress says that she and her boyfriend miss each other because they don’t meet often.

Occasionally, she and her boyfriend come to meet each other at the filming location.

Mainly, Nadech Kugimiya drops by to see her at the place where she is shooting her drama.

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