Yaya Urassaya And Aum Patchrapa Are Fans Of One Another

On 05 June 2019, Yaya Urassaya attended the event and opened up about the moment she met her senior actress Aum Patchrapa.

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“Yesterday, I sold the clothes at the event ‘Ab Fab’. I met P’ Aum Patchrapa, Ning Panita, and Dj Matoom. They’re so lovely and help me selling the clothes,” Yaya Urassaya says.

“P’ Aum says that she is my fan? Oh My Gosh! (Laugh) We admire each other’s TV drama. Usually, we meet at the event and no much time talking to each other. It’s the first time that I’m talking to her. She is so beautiful. P’ Aum is so pretty. She is not only pretty but also lovely. P’ Aum says that she supports me for a long time but she has never told many people like this. Actually, I’m also a fan of P’ Aum,” she adds.

Photo: mim_sotaya | urassayas

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