Yaya Urassaya opens up about having a haircut for the first time during 10 years

Lately, Yaya Urassaya attended the opening ceremony of her new drama “Love at First Night”.

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Thai TV3 reporters ask her about having a haircut for the first time after working in the industry for 10 years.

The top actress opens up that she actually wants to have a haircut for a long time. But, she has to wait for the drama “Lai Kinaree” to finish filming.

After the drama completed its filming, she asks “Love at First Night” drama producer Art Palangtham to have a haircut.

After he agrees, she immediately goes to a barbershop and has her haircut.

Before having a haircut, she has very long hair. Now, she has shorter hair and also bangs.

Yaya Urassaya says that Nadech Kugimiya likes her new hairstyle.

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