Thai Actresses Who Can Pass As Yaya Urassaya’s Sisters

Yaya Urassaya is a gorgeous and talented actress who is currently working under Thai TV3. The actress is noticed for her beauty and her name is always included in the list of various beauty polls.

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In the Thai entertainment industry, there are 3 Thai actresses who are as beautiful as Yaya Urassaya. They also can pass as Yaya Urassaya’s sisters in real life.

1. Patricia Good

The audiences say that Patricia Good really looks like Yaya Urassaya.

2. Ally Achiraya

Because she looks like Yaya Urassaya, Nong Ally was cast as Yaya Urassaya’s younger counterpart in the popular movie ‘Brother of The Year.

3. Taya Rogers

Taya Rogers, 33, is a half Thai – American actress. The audiences also say that she looks like Yaya Urassaya.

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