Yaya Urassaya Is Asked About Mae Keaw In A New Interview

On 06 June 2019, Yaya Urassaya Sperbund attended the event and had an interview with reporters about Mae Keaw posting many photos of her on the official Instagram.

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Reporter: You become a favorite daughter of Mae Keaw because she posts many photos of you on Instagram?

Yaya: It’s fun. Everyone is happy. My mother and Mae Keaw are both happy.

Reporter: Many people jokingly say that Mae Keaw’s Instagram account has many photos of you. She posts it.

Yaya: (Laugh)

Reporter: Because both of you officially open the relationship?

Yaya: I don’t know. We meet each other more often. My mother comes to the filming place but Mae Keaw doesn’t. Now I have free time because I haven’t filmed a new drama. Mae Keaw travels with us often.

Photo: mim_sotaya

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