Yaya Urassaya talked about the ring she wears on her ring finger

Yaya Urassaya lately shared her photo with Mae Pla on her Instagram account. In the picture, she wears a beautiful ring on her ring finger.

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Recently, the actress attended the event and was asked about her ring.

Yaya Urassaya explains that she usually wears that ring on the middle finger. But, on that day, she changed to wear on the ring finger due to her swollen finger.

She confirms that it’s her own ring.

The reporters ask if her right ring finger is free and waiting for Nadech’s ring.

Yaya Urassaya smiles and admits that she is waiting for it.

The reporters continue asking that she will say ‘Yes’ immediately Nadech Kugimiya proposes her.

Yaya replies that it’s a dream of many women. Also, that’s her dream for a while.

Photo: IG urassayas, keaw_jung

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