Young actors who have high popularity worldwide for August 2022

Based on our research, these young and talented actors have had high popularity worldwide for August 2022.

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1. Bright Vachirawit

This year, Bright Vachirawit boosted his popularity with his performance in “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers” and “Astrophile”.

With his beautiful voice, he is also a good singer. In mid-August, his new song “Lost & Found” was released and already reached 1,012,438 views on YouTube.

2. Win Metawin

2022 is another excellent year of Win Metawin. His series “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers” and “Devil Sister” received beautiful feedback from viewers.

Also, he has worked with various famous local and international brands.

3. Nanon Korapat

Nanon Korapat is one of the most talented young actors in the industry.

His new movie “SLR” was just released in April. In the near future, he will have 2 new series “UMG” and “Dirty Laundry”.

4. Mew Suppasit

Mew Suppasit has a busy schedule this year and also many projects including “Love is Like a Cat”, “Love Me Again”, “The Ocean Eyes”, and a new drama on ONE 31.

5. Apo Nattawin and Atthaphan Phunsawat

Apo Nattawin rose to fame with a leading role in “KinnPorsche”. Reportedly, he will have a new movie next year.

If you love Atthaphan Phunsawat’s tremendous acting skills, you will see him in upcoming projects “The Three Gentle Bros” and “Club Sapan Fine 2”.

Other young actors on the list include:

6. Gulf Kanawut

7. Ohm Pawat

8. Krist Perawat and Saint Suppapong

9. Mile Phakphum, PP Krit, and Billkin Puttipong

10. Earth Pirapat, Tay Tawan, and New Thitipoom

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