Nakee 2 Becomes The Highest Recorded First Day Movie Gross in 2018

Nakee 2 Becomes The Highest Recorded First Day Movie Gross in 2018 after opening on 18 October 2018 at the movie theatre in Thailand. The source reported that the movie earned 40 million Baht on a single day. In 2014, a movie ‘I Fine Thank You Love You‘ earned 29 million Baht on the first day. […]

3 Upcoming Thai TV3 Dramas In Early 2019 Produced By Broadcast Thai Television

3 Upcoming Thai TV3 dramas in early 2019 produced by Broadcast Thai Television. The production makes a big TV drama ‘Buppesunnivas’ this year and another 3 dramas will come next year. Let check out the list below. 1. Likit Ruk Kham Duang Dao (My Love From Another Star) The drama stars the hottest Thai actor Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peranee. It remade […]

GDH Reveals 4 New TV Series in 2019

GDH reveals 4 new TV Series in 2019 starring several popular teen actors and actresses under its label Nadao Bangkok. GDH is the best film production in Thailand that produces many big hit TV series and movies every year. Let check out its new project for next year in the list below. 1. One Year This project […]

Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee Attend The Costume Fitting of A New TV Drama

Today, Maker J Group holds the costume fitting of its new TV drama ‘Roy Leh Manya’ starring the hottest actor Pope Thanawat, Bella Ranee, Bua Nalinthip (Bua Wansiri), Bird, Kittitat, Mint Nawinda, and many others. This is the second drama of Pope and Bella after playing together for the first time in a big TV drama ‘Buppesunnivas’. In the costume fitting video, […]

Puen Kanin To Play Couples With Chippy Sirin In A New TV Drama

This morning, Kantana Evolution hold a costume fitting for its new TV drama ‘Tiwa Sorn Dao’ starring Puen Kanin and Chippy Sirin. This is the second times for both actor and actress to play TV drama together after 3 years. Their first TV drama was Sud Kaen Saen Ruk in 2015. Stang Disalada Disayanon, the Executive producer at Kantana Evolution, shares some photos of the […]

Tor Thanapob To Play Couples With Fern Nopjira in ‘Huajai Sila’

In 2017, Huajai Sila was a big hit TV drama produced by EXACT Scenario starring a hot Thai singer-actor Bie Sukrit and Fang Pitchaya. At that time, both male and female lead became the top stars after playing this drama. Most viewers still remember this drama and want to watch it once again. According to Daradaily, ONE 31 Channel to reproduce this drama once […]

Thai TV3 To Remake A Hit TV Drama ‘Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma’

Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma originally produced in 1971. At that time, it was the movie starring Mechai Viravaidya and Panit Kantamra. It was remade for 6 times and the last version produced in 2009 by No Problem Production of Thai TV3 starring Por Trissadee and Ploy Chermarn. According to Daradaily, Thai TV3 to reproduce this drama once again soon after 10 […]

3 Versions of TV Drama Duay Rang Atitharn

A new version of TV drama Duay Rang Atitharn is being aired on Thai TV3 every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.20 PM starring a handsome actor Tik Jesdaporn and a beautiful actress Mew Nittha.  This drama gets a good feedback from viewers with the viewership rating of 2.4 (EP.1), 2.3 (EP.2), and 2.8 (EP.3). The second version was produced in […]

Mew Nittha’s Little Sister Appeared In Her New TV Drama

A new TV drama Duay Rang Atitharn is being aired on Thai TV3 every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.20 PM. The drama stars by a hot Thai actor Tik Jesdaporn and a beautiful and talented actress Mew Nittha.  In the first episode of this drama, the viewers noticed that a girl, who played as Mew Nittha’s friend, was her […]

3 Upcoming New Thai TV3 Dramas

Another 3 new Thai dramas are coming to Thai TV3 in this October and November 2018. Let check the list below. 1. Pee Kaew Nang Hong This is the first time for Great Warintorn to play couples with Bella Ranee. The drama has been produced by Maker J Group production and finished its filming in August 2018. […]