6 Thai channel 7 primetime dramas that are coming this late 2021

The following are 6 primetime dramas on Thai channel 7 that are coming this late 2021.

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Prik Gub Klur

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Already finished filming, “Prik Gub Klur” starring Thanwa Suriyajak and Sonya Singha expectedly will premiere very soon.

Krung Nampueng

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Weir Sukollawat will make a comeback with a new drama “Krung Nampueng” alongside his junior actress Prapye Ramida.

Jao Sao Jum Loey

Starring Big M Krittarit and Hana Lewis, “Jao Sao Jum Loey” almost finishes filming.

Samee Chua Keun

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Euro Yotsawat takes the leading role alongside Pinkploy Paparwadee in the new drama “Samee Chua Keun”.

Rarng Ruk Prang Jai

Pupe Kessarin plays challenging roles in the new drama “Rarng Ruk Prang Jai” alongside Donut Phattharapon.

Plon Loy Fah

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“Plon Loy Fah” is the new action drama with the performance of Film Kunyakrit and Mint Baramita.

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