A New Thai TV3 Drama Featuring Ice Panuwat, Oom Eisaya, And Pon Nawasch

A new remade Thai TV3 drama ‘Keb Pandin’ featuring a new actor Ice Panuwat, Oom Eisaya, and Pon Nawasch.

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On 23 October 2019, Pau Jin Jong (TV drama production) had a costume fitting for its new interesting drama and would start filming soon.

Ice Panuwat to play Mintada, Oom Eisaya to play Punpasa, and Pon Nawasch to play Chulachart.

The drama originally aired in 2001 on Thai Channel 7 and produced by Pau Jin Jong. The original cast is Captain Putanate, Aom Phiyada, and Poh Nuttawut.

In the costume fitting photo, Captain Putanate and Aom Phiyada also join the cast in this new version.

Photo: pon_nawasch | oomeisaya | icepanuwat



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