Pope Thanavat and Bella Ranee Are Among The Highest-Paid Actors in Thai Entertainment This Year

Pope Thanavat and Bella Ranee continued to grow their popularity in Thailand and many other countries after “Prom Likit” aired on Thai Channel 3.

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Pope and Bella played 3 different characters in this massive hit drama.

According to her interview, Bella admitted that she gets paid triple for portraying 3 different roles.

Based on the report of The Bangkok Insight, both top stars earn 80,000 Baht per episode in the drama.

Also, Pope earns 7 million Baht, and Bella gets paid 9 million Baht per endorsement.

When attending the event, the top actor makes around 250,000 Baht and the popular actress earns 200,000 Baht.

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