Bella Ranee Talks About Her New Projects On ‘3 Zaap’

On March 17th, Bella Ranee attended the popular TV show ‘3 Zaap’ as a special guest, talking about her upcoming projects for 2024.

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During the interview, the top actress revealed that she will be starring in the upcoming period comedy-drama “Jao Khun Phee Gub E-Nang Khamduang”.

In this drama, she will be reuniting with her best co-star James Jirayu after several years of not working together.

Notably, she has collaborated with him on various projects of different genres in the past.

Bella Ranee mentioned that she is now focusing on filming one drama at a time and can’t work on multiple dramas simultaneously like before.

When asked about her interest in working with an actor she has never worked with before, Bella Ranee expressed her desire to star alongside a talented actor Sunny Suwanmethanont.

In addition, she will have a new fascinating Thai movie as well, however, she hasn’t revealed the details of this project yet.

Furthermore, she is currently in discussions to star in a movie project from another Asian country.

If her schedule is available and everything fall into place, she will also join this project.

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