The Beloved On-Screen Couple of 2024 (Group 3)

Numerous local and global fans captivated by the amazing on-screen couples who have starred together in the romantic series.

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Some of them are working on the highly anticipated new series that fans eagerly awaiting its release.

Please let us know which on-screen couple is your favorite.

As of today, April 22, the official voting for ‘The Beloved On-Screen Couple of 2024’ group 3 has begun.

The nominees for this category are:

  • Faye Yoko
  • Aoom Meena
  • Noon Praewa
  • Daou Offroad
  • Jam Film

  • Perth Chimon
  • Mos Bank
  • Ja First
  • Yoon Ton
  • Max Nat

Voting Mechanics

  • Kindly choose only a single couple from the provided list to cast your vote.
  • Then, you are welcome to keep voting as the poll has no limits.
  • The top 5 couples with the highest number of votes will process to the final round.
  • Please be aware that the poll will be closed on May 07, 2024, at 3 PM (BKK).


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