Bella Ranee Is Asked About Her Boyfriend Weir Sukollawat

On 30 January 2019, Bella Ranee Campen attends the event and is asked about her boyfriend Weir Sukollawat in a new interview.

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Reporter: Lately, it looks so sweet on Instagram?

Bella: (Laugh) I send him 3 – 4 pictures but he chooses the blur one for posting.

Reporter: He decides to choose the blur one to say Blur Wah Ruk Tep that means Bleh Wah Ruk Tur (It means I love you)

Bella: Let ask him (Laugh)

Reporter: Normally, both of you have a different idea often or not?

Bella: No, It’s just a joke. It’s not serious.

Reporter: You’re a student of him in taking a photo?

Bella: A student? Sometimes we have a different idea. He is good at taking a photo of the view. For me, I’m good at taking a photo of a human being. He also teaches me some.

Reporter: You believe in his teaching?

Bella: A man and woman have a different idea. I see this thing is good and he sees that thing is good (Laugh).

Reporter: When you’re traveling together, you’ll take a photo for each other.

Bella: Yes.

Photo: weir19 | bellacampen



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