2023 to be Thai stars Bright Vachirawit and Bella Ranee’s golden year

2023 is going to be the golden year of Bright Vachirawit and Bella Ranee!

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The actor/artist Bright Vachirawit and the talented actress Bella Ranee become 2 of the most beloved Thai celebrities in the entertainment industry.

This year, they continue to star in interesting dramas and movies that local and international audiences are looking forward to.

In late 2022, the news reported that they had a movie project together in which they starred alongside Indian actors and actresses.

Noticeably, they both have a tight schedule this 2023.

Bright Vachirawit has seen attending events frequently in Thailand, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.

Additionally, the actor has been chosen as a brand ambassador for plenty of local and international brands.

As the top actress, Bella Ranee is busy filming her new drama “Love Destiny 2” with her best co-star Pope Thanavat.

Also, the report says that she receives an offer for the 2 new drama projects.

Lately, she attended the Fendi Fall/Winter 2023 at Milan Fashion Week as a friend of the brand.

Based on Kom Chad Luek, Bella Ranee is a brand ambassador for 30+ brands at the moment.

She has been paid 9 million Baht as a brand ambassador for a brand.

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