The Most Favorite Drama Series 2024 (Group 2)

2024 is a great year for Thai drama series fans as many projects have been released on television and online platform. SEE ALSO: The Most Favorite Drama Series 2024 (Group 1) Many of them have captured the audience’s interest with wonderful stories and the performance of talented stars. What drama series have you been enjoying […]

Here Are The Winners From The 20th Kom Chad Luek Awards

On May 28, the 20th Kom Chad Luek Awards was held at TRUE Icon Hall in Icon Siam Shopping Mall. SEE ALSO: 10 incredible Thai drama series to check out in June 2024 Many top stars attended the award ceremony and took home their honor trophies. Let’s check out the list of the winners from […]

The Most Favorite Drama Series 2024 (Group 1)

From January until now, there have been many amazing drama series that have been broadcasted on both television and online platforms. SEE ALSO: The most favorite male star 2024 (Group 2) Some of them gained immense popularity not only in Thailand but also in other countries. Which Thai drama series captured your heart this year? […]

3 New Dramas Produced by Anne Thongprasom

Anne Thongprasom is one of the most popular drama producers on Thai Channel 3. SEE ALSO: Taew Natapohn admitted she renewed her contract with Thai Channel 3 Anne Thongprasom’s latest projects have been well-received by audiences and have garnered high viewership ratings. This year, she has made 3 more fresh new projects featuring the performance […]

The Most Favorite Male Star 2024 (Group 3)

Lately, numerous Thai male celebrities have garnered international fame with their outstanding performance in the drama series. SEE ALSO: The Most Favorite Male Star 2024 (Group 2) Now, it’s time to cast your vote for these talented Thai male stars who have captured the hearts of the audience and show them your support. As of […]

Taew Natapohn Admitted She Renewed Her Contract With Thai Channel 3

Recently, Taew Natapohn made an appearance at the event. SEE ALSO: Amanda Obdam talks about Great Warintorn Also, a talented actress opened up about her new drama and the exclusive contract with Thai Channel 3. The top actress revealed that her new project “Kissed by The Rain” will premiere on June 03, 2024. Taew Natapohn […]

The Most Favorite Male Star 2024 (Group 2)

Numerous talented male stars have won the hearts of fans worldwide with their natural charisma, multiple talents, and exceptional performances. SEE ALSO: The Beloved On-Screen Couple of 2024 (Final) Who is your most loved Thai male star at the moment? Show your support for your beloved Thai male star by casting your vote. On May […]