Denise Jelilcha: A Rising Star on Thai Channel 3

Denise Jelilcha, 17 years old, half Thai-American, is one of the rising stars on Thai Channel 3.

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She debuted as an actress in the remake of “Tricky in Love”, portraying the character of Lisa.

Despite it being her first drama, Denise Jelilcha’s talent captured the hearts of the audience.

Notably, Denise Jelilcha won the Kinnaree Thong Awards for her outstanding performance in this drama as well.

Lately, she also took the supporting role in the new drama “Duang Jai Tewaprom: Laorchan”.

Furthermore, Denise Jelilcha has completed filming for 2 new projects “Phu Bao Sut Sa Ka Ila Kha Sing” and “E-Bua And Ai Khwan”, where she will be taking on leading roles for the first time.

If you love her performance, be sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming dramas that will be airing soon.

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