The Most Favorite Actor of 2024 (Group 2)

Thai entertainment is full of handsome and talented actors who have shown amazing performances.

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Many of them rose to international fame with their outstanding performances in the drama series.

Today, on April 05, the voting for ‘The Most Favorite Actor 2024’ – Group 2 has officially begun.

Let’s take a look at the nominees:

  • Mike Panitan
  • Junior Kajbhunditt
  • Mean Phiravich
  • Alek Teeradetch
  • Kem Hussawee

  • Billkin Putthipong
  • Jam Rachata
  • Nonkul Chanon
  • Jackie Jackrin
  • Up Poompat

Voting Mechanics

  • You can vote for only one actor from the list.
  • You can cast your vote again after your first selection.
  • The top 3 actors with the most votes will advance to the finals.
  • Please remember that the poll will close on April 17, 2024, at 3 PM (BKK).


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