The top 11 tallest Thai TV3 leading actors

Here are the top 11 tallest Thai TV3 leading actors.

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God Itthipat

Ranked #1 on the list, God Itthipat, Richy Oranate’s boyfriend, is handsome and tall. His height is 190 centimeters tall.

Krating Khunnarong

As well, a rising actor Krating Khunnarong is 190 centimeters tall.

Recently, he becomes a popular rising actor and will have 2 new dramas including “Kaen Ruk Salub Chata” and “Ai Khoi Hug Jao”.

Kongthap Peak

Debuted as an actor in “Dare to Love: Hai Ruk Pipaksa”, Kongthap Peak is cute and handsome and also 186 centimeters tall.

James Ma

A half Thai – Hong Kong actor is 185 centimeters tall. Soon, he will film a new drama “Proa Ruk”.

Nine Naphat

As his senior actor James Ma, a popular rising actor Nine Naphat is 185 centimeters tall.

James Jirayu

Also on the list, a handsome and lovely actor James Jirayu is 184 centimeters tall.

August Vachiravit

“Mae Krua Kon Mai” stars August Vachiravit is 184 centimeters tall.

He grows his popularity rapidly this year with his performance in the new drama remake.

Ice Panuwat

Debuted as an actor in “Wassana Ruk”, a young actor Ice Panuwat is 184 centimeters tall.

Pon Nawasch

One of the most popular rising actors, Pon Nawasch is 183 centimeters tall.

Great Warintorn

As Pon Nawasch, the top actor Great Warintorn is also 183 centimeters tall.

This year, he is filming 2 new dramas “Pom Sanaeha” and “Petchakard Jun Jao”.

Mark Prin

Also on the list, the top actor Mark Prin is 183 centimeters tall, too.

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