2021 new dramas that will be produced by Change 2561

Here are 2021 new dramas will be produced by Dj Chod who is a producer of Change 2561.

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Pleng Bin Bai Ngiew

Photo: IG paearak

With the performance of Pae Arak, Golf Anuwat, Wawa Nichari, and Peak Pattarasaya, “Pleng Bin Bai Ngiew” will air sometime next year on PPTV.

Sai Roong

A new drama remake “Sai Roong” reportedly cast Tono Pakin and Sammy Cowell as leads.

This drama will air on ONE 31 in 2021.

Krachao See Da

“Krachao See Da” is a drama remake that will also air on ONE 31 in 2021.

This drama stars Peter Corp Dyrendal, God Jirayu, Nune Woranuch, and Green Ausadaporn.

Mia Luang

“Mia Luang” is also a new project of Change 2561.

Pim Pimprapa reportedly cast as a villain character in this new drama remake.

Rark Kaew

“Rark Kaew” is a new project that Change 2561 will be produced for Thai TV3 next year.

Kao Supassara cast in the leading role in this drama.

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