Dome Pakornlam Ties A Knot With Metal Sukkhao

On 17 August 2019, a handsome actor-singer Dome Pakornlan ties a knot with his girlfriend Metal Sukkhao after they have been in a relationship for 7 years. The wedding party is held at Emquartier with the theme ‘Beyond The Stars’.

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In the photo, Dome Pakornlam looks so handsome with the black suit and Metal Sukkhao is gorgeous with the white dress.

Many Thai celebrities attend the wedding including Ploy Chermarn, Nong Arunosha, Aom Phiyada, Tanya Tanyares, Peter Corp Dyrendal, A-Supachai, Junji Junjira, Kan Kantathavorn, and more.

Congratulations on Dome Pakornlam and Metal Sukkhao.

Photo: nong_arunosha (1) | junji_junp

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