4 former Thai TV3 actresses with their upcoming dramas

These actresses will have new dramas soon after leaving Thai TV3 and becoming free agents.

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Bua Nalinthip

IG buanalinthip

Recently, the news reported that Bua Nalinthip would star alongside New Thitipoom in the new ONE 31 drama “Manee Morana”.

Ice Preechaya

IG icepreechaya

Ice Preechaya is another talented actress who just leaves Thai Channel 3.

She is filming the new period drama “Suk Sanaeha Kraithong Chalawan”.

Natalie Panalee

IG nataliehyj

After her contract with Thai Channel 3 expired, she immediately started working with Thai Channel 8 in the new period drama “Luerd Kakee” alongside Indy Intad.

Chippy Sirin

IG sirinissirin

Chippy Sirin is also working with Thai Channel 8 on the new drama “Bulan Mantra” with New Wongsakorn.

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