Great Warintorn talks about Kao Supassara in the new interview

Giving an interview with Nine Entertain, Great Warintorn opens up that there is nothing going on between him and Kao Supassara.

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A famous star continues that he and Kao Supassara are actually just a brother and a sister.

Lately, fans ship him and the actress to be a real couple because the drama “Kao Waan Hai Nu Bpen Sailab” in which he stars alongside her is airing once again on Thai TV3.

A handsome actor continues that he doesn’t go to Ayutthaya with her. At that time, she is traveling abroad and he doesn’t go to that place.

Asking if he is flirting with Kao Supassara because she is now single, Great Warintorn replies that he is also single.

But, he isn’t flirting with her because they are absolutely a brother and a sister.

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