7 Handsome Young Actors Who We Are Looking Forward to in “The Heart of Tewaprom”

The massive project “The Heart of Tewaprom” is produced with the performance of many young actors and actresses.

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3 dramas of “The Heart of Tewaprom” already finished filming according to reports.

In this new series, there are various handsome young actors including Gulf Kanawut, Kao Noppakao, Kongthap Peak, Tate Myron, Mike Panitan, Saint Suppapong, and also Meen Nichakoon.

Gulf Kanawut

Gulf Kanawut is one of the most talented actors in Thai entertainment.

His fame skyrocketed after his performance in “TharnType: The Series”.

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After that, he joined Thai channel 3.

His first drama with the channel is “You’re My Makeup Artist” in which he stars alongside Janie Thienphosuwan.

In “The Heart of Tewaprom: Laor Jan”, he takes the role of M.L. Phuthanet Jutathep.

Kao Noppakao

Kao Noppakao steals the hearts of viewers with his leading role in “Lovely Writer: The Series”.

He has many fans in various countries.

Kao Noppakao plays M.L. Saruj Jutathep in “Phon Cheewan”.

Kongthap Peak

Kongthap Peak is a great singer and actor on Thai channel 3.

He debuted as an actor in “Dare to Love” in which he starred alongside the top actress Bella Ranee.

In “Duj Apsorn”, he plays M.L. Asira Jutathep.

Besides this series, he is also filming another new drama “Mae Liang” with Oom Eisaya.

Tate Myron

Tate Myron is the new actor on Thai channel 3.

In “Jai Pisut”, he plays the role of “M.L. Ronnachak”.

Also, he is shooting the new drama “We and Us”.

Mike Panitan

Mike Panitan is one of the new actors on Thai channel 3.

He takes the role of “Chatklao Jutathep” in “Khwanruethai”.

Saint Suppapong

Saint Suppapong takes the main role in “The Heart of Tewaprom” with other young actors.

He plays M.L. Ronnaphum Jutathep who is a son of Ronnapee and Pieng Kwan.

Meen Nichakoon

Meen Nichakoon takes the role of Chawit Tewaprom in “Duj Apsorn”.

He caught the audience’s attention with “Praomook” and grew his popularity rapidly after the series “Ai Long Nhai” aired on television.

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