Top Influential Actors And Actresses on Instagram in Thailand (Part 1)

With their talents, numerous Thai actors and actresses captivate viewers in Asia and many other countries in Europe.

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All of them always share beautiful photos on their Instagram accounts showing their lifestyles, wonderful moments, and information.

Based on HypeAuditor, these actors and actresses are on the list of the top influencers on Instagram in Thailand.

Win Metawin

Win Metawin stands at the 4th position of most influential Thai celebrities on Instagram with an impressive engagement rate of 6.24 percent.

The source has revealed that Win Metawin had a high EMV (Earned Media Value) of US$ 1.3 million.

Bright Vachirawit

Next in line is Bright Vachirawit who is at #5 and has an engagement rate of 3.73 percent.

His posts on Instagram, Bright Vachirawit garnered US$ 1.1 million in EMV.

Yaya Urassaya

A queen of brand ambassador Yaya Urassaya came in at #15 among the top influential Thai actors and actresses on Instagram.

The actress’s Instagram currently has an engagement rate of 2.73 percent and EMV at US$ 501.5K.

IG jcreef

Freen Sarocha

Following her success in “GAP: The Series”, Freen Sarocha stays at the top 29 of the list.

Her official Instagram has a high engagement rate of 17.18 percent.

Freen Sarocha generates an estimated $US 92.6K in EMV according to HypeAuditor.

Congratulations to all with their successful careers!

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