James Ma Says Nadech Kugimiya Visits Yaya Urassaya At The Filming Place

In recent days, James Ma attends the event and has an interview with reporters about his new TV drama ‘Klin Ka Salong’. He reveals that Nadech Kugimiya really visits Yaya Urassaya at the filming place.

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“Do you ask permission from Nadech Kugimiya because they open the relationship to the public,” Reporters ask.

“I always asked permission from Yaya Urassaya when we were shooting the drama together many months ago,” James Ma replies.

“When I meet Nadech Kugimiya, he always smiles because he understands it. Firstly, I ask permission Yaya Urassaya before shooting any scenes. I also ask permission from her mother, too. I do everything to make everyone happy,” he adds.

“P’ Nadech Kugimiya visits the filming place often when you’re filming the drama with Yaya Urassaya,” The reporters continue asking.

“When filming the drama, he comes to visit Yaya Urassaya for some scenes because the filming place of his TV drama is near the location of my TV drama. This drama doesn’t have many sweet sweet scenes and it’s about a family. It has some lovely scenes like other TV dramas,” he answers.

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