These Kid Actors Are So Popular Right Now

Due to their great acting skills, these 3 kid actors are so popular and play several Thai TV dramas right now.

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1. Nong Mac Nattapat

Nong Mac is well-known after playing a big hit TV drama ‘Thong Nuea Kao’ with Nune Woranuch and Poh Nattawut. This year, he plays several TV dramas ‘Touchdown Kiss’, ‘Nee Ruk Nai Krung Fai’, ‘Aruna 2019’, ‘Sleepless Society: Bedtime Wishes’, ‘He’s Coming to Me’, and ‘Huajai Sila’.

2. Nong Unda

She currently shows her acting skill in a new TV drama ‘Klin Ka Salong’ with James Ma and Yaya Urassaya.

3. Nong Inter Rungrada

Inter Rungrada is so popular right now and appears in many TV dramas ‘See Mai Karn’, ‘Payakorn Sorn Ruk’, ‘Laila, Thida Yuk’, ‘Aruna 2019’, ‘Lhong Ngao Jun’, ‘Ban Saran Land: Suparburoot Sut Soi Season 2’.

Photo: iamunda.mommy | mild_mac | inter_rungrada

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