Nadech Kugimiya Talks About His Instagram Account

In recent days, Nadech Kugimiya attends the event and gives an interview to reporters about his official Instagram.

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Reporters: It’s time for you to create an Instagram account.

Nadech: I don’t have the main reasons. I just feel that I want to create an Instagram account. I decided to create it when I watch a TV drama ‘My Love From Another Star’.

Reporters: It doesn’t take much time to decide to create an Instagram account.

Nadech: Yes.

Reporters: What Instagram username do you want to create?

Nadech: I have 2 usernames. The first one is Kugimiya but it isn’t available. Then, I change to Kugimiyas that is similar to her username. I think it’s lovely.

Reporters: She is your inspiration?

Nadech: I asked and told her that I created an Instagram account. She asked me if I’m confident to create an Instagram account. I said ‘Yes’ and then created the account.

Reporters: Actually, you also want to include her name in your Instagram username?

Nadech: It’s not that. I don’t intend to create this account to match with her Instagram account. I create it because it’s lovely. It has ‘S’ as her Instagram account.

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