Nadech Kugimiya And Yaya Urassaya Attended The Event Together At Nakhon Pathom And Talked About Their Wedding Plans

Last week, Nadech Kugimiya gave an interview with reporters and said that his wedding was postponed indefinitely.

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Lately, the top actor clarified that he and his fiancée both had busy schedules this year and the wedding date hasn’t been chosen yet.

However, the “Jai Khang Jao” leading actor confirmed that he would get married to her for sure and she would be the mother of his kids.

On March 30, Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya attended the grand opening of the Central Shopping Mall at Nakhon Pathom together.

Additionally, both of them danced together sweetly on the stage for the opening show.

After the show, Nadech Kugimiya admitted that many were surprised after hearing about him postponing the wedding indefinitely.

Therefore, the top star apologized for not choosing the words carefully for his previous interview. Meanwhile, Yaya Urassaya added that he didn’t say anything wrong.

For the wedding date, he would announce officially after it has been chosen. The wedding ceremony would be celebrated next year as planned.

“Lai Kinnaree” star expressed that they both had a tight schedule. For him, he was so busy and traveled to the province often.

Recently, they spent time together less than before. However, Yaya Urassaya always supported him.

Asked about the top actress not wearing the ring, she opened up that it was hard wearing it consistently because she always worked.

So, she discussed it with her boyfriend and decided not to wear it for the time being.

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