The Beloved On-Screen Couple of 2024 (Group 2)

Due to their incredible chemistry, these on-screen couples have garnered admiration from local and international fans.

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Most of them have been working together for a long time and have beautiful friendships.

Which on-screen couple is your favorite at the moment?

Voting for ‘The Beloved On-Screen Couple of 2024’ group 2 has officially started on April 20.

The list of the 10 on-screen couples are:

  • Anda Lookkaew
  • Pooh Pavel
  • Zee Nunew
  • Billkin PP
  • Snack Pailiu

  • Krist Singto
  • Tay New
  • Gemini Fourth
  • OffGun
  • Ohm Leng

Voting Mechanics

  • You may select just one couple from the list to vote for.
  • You may vote again once you have cast your first vote as the poll has no limits.
  • The top 5 couples with the highest numbers of votes will proceed to the finals.
  • Remember, the poll will close on May 03, 2024, at 3 PM (BKK).


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