Taew Natapohn Biography And Facts

Taew Natapohn is a talented actress who is working with Thai TV3. She has shown her great acting skill in various TV dramas including ‘Dong Poo Dee’, ‘Nakee’, ‘Rak Nakara’, and ‘Game Sanaeha’.

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Nickname: Taew

Real Name: Natapohn Tameeruk

Date of Birth: 06 February 1989

Age: 30 Years Old

Birthplace: Thailand

Height: 163 centimeter

Weight: 45 Kilograms

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Bood Type: O

Instagram: @taewaew_natapohn


  • She is an actress of Chinese-Thai parentage.
  • Her father is Narong Tameerak.
  • Her mother is Roungthong Tameerak.
  • Taew Natapohn has an older sister named Nattawadee Tameerak.
  • Her boyfriend named Ton Arch. She has been in a relationship with him for almost 13 years.
  • Interviewing with reporters, Taew says that she doesn’t have a wedding plan yet.
  • Taew Natapohn becomes a shipped couple (Koo Jin) with James Jirayu when they play a TV drama ‘Game Sanaeha’ together.

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