Thai celebrities who are only children in their families

Have you ever known that these Thai celebrities are only children in their families?

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Nine Naphat

Nine Naphat, 24, is a rising actor under Thai TV3. He is so handsome and gets much attention from the audiences before he officially debuts in the movie and TV drama.

He is the only son of a senior actress Moo Pimpaka.

Aum Patchrapa

Aum Patchrapa, 41, is the only daughter in her family.

Ally Achiraya

Ally Achiraya, 16, is well-known playing as Jane (Young) in the famous film ‘Brother of The Year’. She is the daughter of a senior actor Amarin Nitipon and Achariya Angkasuwansiri.

This year, she debuts as an idol under 411 Music.

Bella Ranee

The actress, 30, is the only child in her family.

Nat Myria

Benz Punyaporn

Chompoo Araya

Preaw Tussaneeya

Ice Apitsada

Kao Supassara

Dao Pimthong

Yam Matira

Eye Kamolned

Matt Peranee

Plengkwan Nattaya

Baitoei Zuvapit

Jackie Jacqueline

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