Top 9 Thai Actresses of GMM 25, ONE 31 and TRUE 4U

There are several Thai actresses, who are talented in acting, and here are top 9 female stars of GMM 25, ONE 31, and TRUE 4U.

9. Kaew Jarinya

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She currently has a sitcom on ONE 31 with Bie Sukrit and TV drama on GMM 25.

8. Monchanok Saengchaipiangpen

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She plays TV series and drama for both GMM 25 and ONE 31.

7. Wannarot Sonthichai

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She has 2 or 3 dramas per year with ONE 31 channel.

6. Worranit Thawornwongs

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She is another talented actress of GMM 25. She plays 3 TV series this year.

5. Sananthachat Thanapatpisal

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She is also talented in acting and has many works to do this year.

4. Lapalal Jiravechsoontornkul

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She is so cute and has 2 TV series this year. For TV series Happy Birthday, she works with Push Puttichai.

3. EstherSupreeleela 

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She is not only beautiful, but also talented in acting. She has many works to do every year.

2. Pattie Ungsumalynn

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Her TV series I Sea U is being aired on TRUE 4U. She is so popular after playing TV Series The Princess Hour Thai Version.

1. Sutatta Udomsilp

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Her new TV drama Roopthong will be aired on 30 April 2018 on GMM 25. She will have another new TV Series, too.

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