Yaya Urassaya Sperbund Is Asked How Long Have She And Nadech Kugimiya Been Together

On 18 October 2019, Yaya Urassaya Sperbund attended the event and is asked how long she and Nadech Kugimiya been together.

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“Have you passed 7 years?” reporters ask.

“Let’s just say I have known P’ Nadech for almost 10 years,” Yaya Urassaya replies.

“Which year did it became special,” reporters ask.

“OMG! many years,” she says.

“Usually, a couple have the anniversary. When is your anniversary,” reporters ask.

“It’s something that we keep for only two of us,” she replies.

Nadech and Yaya are really a lovely couple in the Thai entertainment industry.

Photo: keaw_jung | urassayas

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