Yaya Urassaya Announced Her Relationship With Nadech Kugimiya Is Still Happy

During the 54th Anniversary Celebration of Thai Channel 3, Nadech Kugimiya opened up that his wedding plans have been postponed indefinitely.

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Meeting Yaya Urassaya at the grand opening of the new drama “Love at First Night”, she was questioned about her boyfriend’s recent interview.

Yaya Urassaya expressed that Nadech Kugimiya was right as the wedding date hasn’t been set. Also, they haven’t planned anything yet.

The delay in their wedding plans is due to Nadech Kugimiya’s busy schedule filming dramas, movies, and the musical, working 20 days a month.

The top actress mentioned that she wants to support him as his work is challenging, especially the musical.

Yaya Urassaya confirms that she and Nadech Kugimiya are still happy together and always support each other. She will announce the date as soon as it is decided.

The talented actress shared that she received cleaning tools from Nadech Kugimiya on her birthday, which she appreciated as it was something she desired.

She was pleased to receive the gift, as she had previously sent him a model of the cleaning tools. However, she has not yet unpacked or used them.

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