5 Rising Actors Expected To Be Top Stars Of Thai TV3 In The Future

Under Thai TV3, there are several new actors who are waiting to be shine as their senior. We will show you 5 Thai rising actors who expected to be the top star of the channel in the future.

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1. In Sarin

He is currently popular after playing as Por Perm in a hit TV drama ‘Thong Aek Mor Yah Tah Chalong’. The actor will be another top actor in the future.

2. Pon Nawasch

Pon Nawasch’s popularity grows up rapidly after his hit TV drama ‘Tra Barb See Chompoo’ aired on Thai TV3. He will have 3 new dramas including ‘Plerng Prang Tien’, ‘Fak Fah Kiri Dao’, and ‘Prao Mook’.

3. Ryu Vachirawich

A young actor is well-known after playing in a TV Series ‘In Family We Trust’ and join a group 9 by 9 with Tor Thanapob, Jaylerr Krissanapoom, Ice Paris, and many others.

4. Kongthap Peak

The singer-actor gets much attention from the audiences after releasing his first single ‘Say No’ in late 2018. He also attended a famous Korean TV show ‘I Can See Your Voice Season 6’.

5. Yorch Yongsin

He is well-known as a child actor in a big hit TV drama ‘Thong Neu Gao’ in 2013. He grows up handsome now and expected to be another top actor soon.

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