In Sarin Inpitar Tells The Reason How He Becomes A New Rising Actor Of Thai TV3

In Sarin Inpitar is a new actor under Thai TV3 and currently filming a new drama ‘Fak Fah Kiri Dao’ with Pon Nawasch and Namwhan Phulita.

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Interviewing with FEED, Inpitar said that he didn’t want to be a celebrity when he was studying in high school because he thought that he couldn’t do it.

When the actor was studying in college, he received more opportunity but he denied it because he needed much time to study. If he worked as an actor, his study and acting skill wouldn’t good both, that’s why he chose to study first.

During studying year 4 in college, he attended the football festival at his university. Many people shared his photos on social media. After that, a high position person in Thai TV3 has contacted him to cast ‘The Man Series: Phu Pha’.

Photo: inpitar


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