All actors who left Thai TV3 after their contracts with the channel expired

All actors who left Thai TV3 after their contracts with the channel expired.

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Wawa Nichari

Recently, Wawa Nichari gives an interview that she decides to become a free agent after her contract with Thai TV3 expired.

Ken Phupoom

Ken Phupoom left Thai TV3 in June 2020 and becomes a free agent.

Soon, he will have a new TV drama with ONE 31.

New Chaiyapol

New Chaiyapol also becomes a free agent. His new TV drama “Fai Game Prae” is airing on GMM 25.

Mew Laknara

Mew Laknara lef Thai TV3 in mid-2020. She is filming a new GMM 25 TV drama “Raan Dok Ngiw” and also a new Thai TV3 drama remake “Pom Sanaeha”.

Ice Amena

On May 18, 2020, the source reported that Ice Amena left Thai TV3.

Her new TV drama “Plerng Phariya” is airing on Thai channel 8.

Soon, another new TV drama remake “Bangkert Klao” with her performance will premiere on Amarin TV.

Richy Oranate

In early 2020, Richy Oranate becomes a free agent.

She is filming 2 new TV dramas “Prajan Daeng” and “Sinaeha Saree” for ONE 31.

Yard Yardthip

The contract between Yard Yardthip and Thai TV3 expired in early 2019.

She is filming the new TV drama remake “Sisa Marn” for Thai channel 8.

Mint Natwara

Mint Natwara became a free agent in March 2019. This year, she has a new Thai channel 8 drama ‘Poot Ratikarn’.

Aom Sushar

Aom Sushar left Thai TV3 in late 2018. She becomes a free agent.

This year, she will have 5 new TV dramas “Boss & Me”, “Dtaem Rak”, “Girl 2K”, “20 30 40”, and “W: 2 Worlds Apart”.

Pat Napapa

Pat Napapa is now a free agent. This year, she comes back to work with Thai TV3 in the new TV drama “Duang Tah Tee Sarm”.

Esther Supreeleela

Esther Supreeleela’s contract with Thai TV3 expired in 2014.

Her first TV drama after becoming a free agent is 2015 ONE 31 TV drama “Leh Ratree”.

Indy Intad

Indy Intad is well-known for his role in the 2018 Thai TV3 drama “The Crown Princess”.

He is now a free agent.

Bank Artit

Bank Artit has worked with Thai TV3 for many years before moving to Thai channel 7.

Ploy Chermarn

Ploy Chermarn left Thai TV3 in 2017 and became a free agent.

This year, she has 2 new TV dramas “Plerng Nang” with Amarin TV and “Raeya” with Thai channel 8.

Aff Taksaorn

Aff Taksaorn was a popular Thai TV3 actress in the past.

Now she works with ONE 31 in the new TV drama “Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter”.

Marie Broenner

Marie Broenner left Thai TV3 in 2014. Now, she is an actress under ONE 31.

Her new TV drama “Lady Ban Chum” will premiere on November 03, 2020.

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