5 Thai Actors And Actresses Who Have Left Thai TV3

After their contract with Thai TV3 has expired, these 5 Thai actors and actresses have left the channel and turned to be freelancers.

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1. Aun Wittaya

He is a freelancer now. The actor appeared in a TV drama ‘Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew’ on ONE 31 with Baifern Pimchanok and Dj Push Puttichai.

2. Ohm Atshar

Ohm Atshar just left the channel in early 2019 and he is currently filming a new TV drama ‘Game Ruk Game Payabaht’ for PPTV.

3. Aum Atichart

The actor doesn’t have a contract with the channel now but he is sometimes back to play a TV drama for Thai TV3. His last TV drama with the channel was ‘Plerng Naka’ starring with Boy Pakorn and Preem Ranida.

4. Pat Napapa

She does not often play a TV drama as before because it spends much time on the filming. Pat Napapa focuses on her job as a TV show host.

5. Aom Sushar

Her contract with Thai TV3 has expired in late 2018. She is currently filming a new TV drama ‘Boss & Me’ for ONE 31 and another TV series for TRUE 4U.

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