Chippy Sirin talked about Boy Pakorn on a TV show ‘3 Zaap’

On the TV show ‘3 Zapp’ aired on November 22, Chompoo Araya asked Chippy Sirin about her co-star Boy Pakorn.

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Photo: IG armytoast, boy_pakorn

The actress said that she and the actor weren’t dating. She added that he didn’t flirt with her.

Chompoo Araya continued asking Chippy Sirin if she would say ‘Yes’ if Boy Pakorn flirted with her.

The actress replied that if he flirted with her, let’s talk about it another time.

Boy Pakorn and Chippy Sirin become a shipped couple after they worked together in the 2018 TV drama “Matuphoom Haeng Huajai”.

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