Popular rising actresses of Thai Channel 7

Here is the list of popular rising actresses of Thai channel 7.

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Mookda Narinrak

Mookda Narinrak is a popular rising actress under Thai channel 7. She is showing her great acting skill in the TV drama “So Wayree”. Also, she is filming the new TV drama remake “Ku Kaen San Ruk”.

Pim Pimprapa

Pim Pimprapa’s new TV drama “Prom Pissawat” is airing on Thai channel 7. Soon, her new TV drama “Ngao Boon” will premiere on the television.

Chingching Kharittha

Chingching Kharittha is playing a villain character in the new TV drama “Prom Pissawat”. Soon, she will have another new TV drama “Tharntawan See Plerng”.

Prapye Ramida

Prapye Ramida is another rising actress of Thai channel 7. Her new TV drama “Fah Mee Tawan” to premiere soon on Thai channel 7.

Also, she will have a new TV drama “Krong Nampueng” with Weir Sukollawat.

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