The Most Favorite Actor of 2024 (Group 1)

If you are a fan of Thai drama series, you will notice the return of numerous talented actors showing their wonderful acting skills in the new projects of 2024.

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Today, on March 26, the voting for ‘The Most Favorite Actor 2024’ – Group 1 has begun.

The following actors are nominated:

  • Gulf Kanawut
  • Mark Prin
  • Smith Paswitch
  • August Vachiravit
  • Sean Jindachot

  • Mike Pattaradet
  • Thanwa Suriyajak
  • Tongtong Kitsakorn
  • Tre Porapat
  • Great Sapol

Voting Mechanics

  • Please choose just one actor from the list for your vote.
  • Please feel free to cast another vote once you’ve made your first choice.
  • The top 3 actors with the highest number of votes will move to the finals.
  • Remember, the poll closes on April 06, 2024, at 3 PM (BKK).


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