Mark Prin Talks About Buying Land At The Province And A Future Plan For His Children

Mark Prin lately attends the event and has an interview with reporters.

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Photo: IG@mark_prin

Mark Prin reveals that he and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas buys land and builds a house at Khao Yai province because that place is beautiful. It’s an investment between him and his girlfriend.

He adds that it’s a small house or a vacation home at the province. A house for the newlyweds must be bigger than this one, he adds.

Mark Prin says that he has also checked many places in Bangkok city. The place they will live must be near their children’s school.

Asking about a plan for wedding, he answers “Not yet. The future is yet to come. I’m not in a rush.”

Photo: IG@jibbierubie

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