Senior And Junior Actors Who Have Great Chemistry In The TV Dramas

6 senior and junior actors who have great chemistry in the TV dramas.

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Boy Pakorn and Chippy Sirin

Photo: Instagram sirinissirin

Boy Pakorn and Chippy Sirin had very great chemistry when they played a couple in a TV drama ‘My Hero Series: Matupoom Haeng Huajai’. Many fans wish them to be a real couple.

Great Warintorn and Kao Suppassara

Photo: Instagram great_rider10

The drama ‘Kao Wan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub’ starring Great Warintorn and Kao Supassara just finished airing on Thai TV3. This TV drama got great feedback from viewers because of good storyline and chemistry between the leading actor and actress.

Nune Woranuch and Joss Way-ar

Photo: Instagram nuneworanuch

A TV drama ‘Game Ruk Ao Keun’ is airing on GMM 25 every Monday and Tuesday at 08.10 PM. Nune Woranuch and her junior actor Joss Way-ar have awesome chemistry in this drama.


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