New Thai TV Drama Couples With Their Great Chemistry

Working together for the first time in the TV dramas, these actors and actresses have great chemistry.

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Andrew Gregson and Nune Woranuch



Even working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, that’s just the first time for Andrew and Nune to work together in the drama ‘Woon Ruk Nakkao’.

In the drama, Nune and Andrew played the characters of news anchors and their chemistry is so good.

Mark Prin and Mew Nittha

Mark and Mew worked together in the 2017 drama ‘Rak Nakara’ but they didn’t play a couple. This year, they play a couple in the drama ‘My Husband in Law’ and get great feedback due to the story and their good chemistry.

Krist Perawat and Namtan Tipnaree


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Krist Perawat and Namtan Tipnaree work together in a new TV series ‘Who Are You?’, a remake of K-drama ‘Who Are You: School 2015’. These young actors have good chemistry in the series.



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